Have you ever wondered why:

We don’t hear great music from all over the world? There is no forum where artists from all over the world can work together? Artists, lyricists, and composers are never compensated fairly for their work? These are some of the questions that we at Sound Republica asked ourselves.


We live in a world where:

Products and services are diversified. Information is becoming more transparent and real-time. The traditional music industry has yet to catch up with these current trends.


We at Sound Republica want to change this situation. We are a global start-up enterprise made up of people who share the love for music and the music industry.


We are but a small company. Nevertheless, we aim to transform the world music industry by creating a genuinely innovative music community hitherto never existed where your talent is appreciated and compensated fairly.

If you share our conviction, join us in reshaping the future of world music. Let the world hear your music with Sound Republica.